Bench Accounting

Our cross-departmental group was asked to create a solution that would improve Bench Accounting's sign up process for monthly bookkeeping services. With a goal of increasing conversions through improving their website sign up flow. Keeping a focus on both the needs of the business and
the user.

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UX researcher, UX/UI Designer
Data Scientist, Web Developers & UX Designers
Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop
24 Hours
The question

How might we

improve Bench's sign up flow
to increase conversions for monthly bookkeeping?

The Solution

Help Users Understand

To address the problem with the sign up flow, we added information about Bench's services on the homepage, including the most popular options, to help users understand their choices
and make it easier to sign up.

Personalized Experience

To improve the sign up process and provide users with a personalized experience, we created a quiz that helps them find the best service to match their business needs. This allows them to make an informed decision and choose the most suitable service.

Information & Support

To support users and help them feel informed throughout the sign up process, we included calls-to-action (CTAs) wherever possible to give them opportunities to learn more about Bench Accounting's services.
We wanted to continue the theme of providing information and support to help users feel confident and comfortable in their decision to sign up.

Simplify The Process

To improve the sign up process, we created a one-page form that allows users to book a call with a Bench Accounting representative while signing up. This simplifies the process and makes it easier for users to get the support they need.

Finalize Sign Up

To finalize the sign up process, we again focused on personalization for the user. We added their name to the copy and included extra resources to increase engagement across Bench's website. This was intended to help users feel supported and connected to the service.

Key Learnings

One of the key highlights of my hackathon experience was the opportunity to work under pressure with a cross functional team. I learned a lot from collaborating with developers to build a digital solution, and presenting our solution to professionals at Bench
Accounting was especially valuable. Their feedback and insights were incredibly helpful. Overall, working with a team and having the chance to work across departments was a highly educational and enriching experience.

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